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Britannia Shopping Centre Slip testing and floor treatment

Britannia Shopping Centre Slip testing and floor treatment

EnviroFacilities has been contracted to test and treat the floors at the Britannia Shopping Centre in Hinckley.

Pendulum Slip Testing

Slip testing especially in high footfall areas must be made a priority by business owners but what is it?
In simple terms, a pendulum slip test assesses the friction offered by a floor surface when a foot makes contact. It can be used to measure the slip potential of dry, wet and contaminated floors.

Britannia Shopping Centre Slip testing and floor treatment

Anti-Slip Floor Treatment

Applying an anti-slip floor treatment helps to reduce slip hazards and can be applied to a range of indoor and outdoor floor types. The coating is quick to apply and easy to keep clean and will have no adverse on the appearance or texture of your floor.

The benefits for treating your floors after a slip test.

  1. Acts as a sealant and protects from water and scuffs
  2. Maintains the look and shine of polished surfaces
  3. Increases slip resistance to significantly reduce the risk of a slip, trip or fall
  4. From a compliance perspective it demonstrates due diligence in reducing risk of slips and trips
  5. It helps to reduce the potential for costly personal injury litigation

If you would like more information about how we can protect your floors so you can protect those that walk on them, please get in touch CONTACT US.

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