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Specialist Cleaning Services

Nationwide rapid response specialist cleaning services

Envirofacilities UK Ltd provides several specialist services to ensure your workplace is clean and safe for your staff and your customers.

These include:

Covid-19 Fogging, Anti Viral Treatment Spraying and Sanitising Services

  • Regular antimicrobial viral treatment spraying – A Nationwide Covid-19 prevention service to decontaminate your entire facility and protect it from bacteria and harmful viruses. This treatment ins’t just for Covid-19, it inhibits the growth of many pathogens and reduce sickness days in the workplace. 
  • A rapid response 24-48-hrs Covid-19 fogging service for any facility that’s had a positive Covid test result and needs to open for business again quickly and safely.

The fogging machine contains a UK approved disinfectant ‘fog’ to sanitise and decontaminate – swiftly killing bacteria and viruses. We follow this with a state-of-the-art antimicrobial electrostatic spraying system, applying a chemical agent to surfaces and touchpoints. This provides long-term (30 days) protection against viruses (including Covid-19) and reduces the risk of further outbreaks. The chemical agent is non-toxic and has been independently tested in the UK to be effective at 30 days.

We can offer a one-off fogging, or a monthly contracted service – and will provide you with certification stating the service has been carried out. This can be displayed on your premises.

Nationwide Graffiti Removal

Graffiti is unsightly and will often encourage more of the same, quickly leading to badly graffiti damaged buildings. If not dealt with immediately, graffiti will ruin the appearance of your premises and could potentially tarnish the reputation of your business.

So why not let us take care of it swiftly and permanently?

We can provide professional graffiti removal anywhere in the UK. We’ll visit your building and carry out tests to establish the most effective way to remove the graffiti without damaging the building. Then, depending on the type and prevalence of the graffiti, we can steam clean, pressure wash, or use our high-powered cold wash trailer units to remove anything, leaving no traces behind.
As well as graffiti removal, we can also produce amazing results on other exterior surfaces such as paving, car parks, driveways, public areas, and most stone and masonry.

To learn more about our specialist cleaning services, or to speak to one of our team about booking graffiti removal or Covid-19 fogging, please contact us today.

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