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Don’t slip up!!   Slip testing for swimming pools and changing room areas.

Slip testing for swimming pools and changing room areas

Swimming pool venues and leisure centres have to account for the presence of water coming into contact with their flooring. Regular testing of floors in high slip risk areas is essential to ensure the safety of people that walk on them.
According to HSE over 40% of all reported injuries to members of the public are a direct result of a slip. Many of these happen when floor surfaces are in contact with water.

As water is a constant presence around swimming pools and changing areas the flooring must be safe with all fixed or flexible materials having importance in the swimming pool area’s safety plans.

Safer flooring means that the risk of litigation is mitigated, and it demonstrates a higher level of care for customers, staff and suppliers. So it makes sense that these areas have maximum slip resistance and are tested regularly.

EnviroFacilities conducts a pendulum slip test procedure to ensure that floor surfaces are fit for purpose by testing them in wet and dry conditions. If they fail the test then floor protection can easily be added.

If you would like more information about how we can test the flooring surfaces in your venue to maximise H&S compliance that meet British Standards requirements, then please get in touch CONTACT US

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