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Emergency Lighting Installation & Testing

Emergency Lighting Installation & Testing in East Anglia and Nationwide

Envirofacilities UK Ltd provide emergency lighting installation, and an emergency lighting testing and maintenance service covering the whole of the country. If you’d like to speak with one of our expert commercial electrical team about emergency lighting, please get in touch today and get your questions answered.

It’s a legal requirement that non-domestic buildings must be ‘safe at all times’ – even if a mains power failure occurs. Therefore, nearly all commercial buildings must be fitted with emergency lighting in the form of emergency escape lighting, standby lighting, fire safety signs and luminaires that provide minimum lighting to facilitate evacuation when needed – for example, in the event of a fire.

Installing your Emergency Lighting

Our specialist electrical installation teams install, service and maintain your emergency lighting in accordance with the current British Standards for the emergency lighting of premises. By law, emergency lighting must be installed in all escape routes, staircases, above and outside all exit doors, in kitchens and high hazard areas, in large open plan offices, and at any change in level.

The first step in the emergency lighting plan will be a full site survey. This will take note of any large open areas and potential hazards to occupants in the event of an evacuation. High-risk liquid storage areas and any areas where there may be sources of ignition will also be noted – and we’ll identify who could be at risk and the potential route the buildings occupants would take if an evacuation were needed. Your firefighting and first aid equipment, fire detection and alarm systems, and emergency equipment testing schedule will also be evaluated. After the survey we can plan an emergency lighting system that is agreeable to you and that meets current legislation.

Maintenance and Testing

Just like any other mechanical or electrical system, once your emergency lighting is installed it will need regular inspection and servicing to keep it in tip-top condition. Failure to maintain it could have devastating consequences. We can offer you a professional service and maintenance contract that ensures your commercial emergency lighting system will work when you need it to.

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