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Fire Alarm Servicing – Fire Alarm Testing

Fire Alarm Servicing – Fire Alarm Testing - Norwich and Nationwide

Failure to carry out regular fire alarm testing and fire alarm maintenance is dangerous and illegal, with unlimited fines and even prison sentences as penalties for major breaches of fire safety regulations. Envirofacilities UK Ltd carry out one-off and contracted fire alarm testing and servicing all over the country. Please contact us today to speak with our fire safety experts and learn more about our fire alarm maintenance packages and professional fire risk assessment services.

The current UK fire alarm regulations state that all business premises must have an appropriate fire detection system in place.

That means that as a business owner, facilities manager, landlord, or occupier, you have an obligation to carry out a fire risk assessment and ensure your premises has an appropriate fire detection system installed, so any fire can be easily detected, and all occupants of the building can be warned quickly and evacuated. For most businesses, a professionally installed fire alarm system is the most efficient way to warn occupants of a fire in the building.

Fire alarms have saved countless lives by warning occupants they must vacate the premises. However, alarm systems need regular testing and maintenance to ensure they can keep working effectively. Weekly testing is recommended by BS5839, the standard approved by the UK Government, and it should be followed to keep on top of your fire alarm maintenance. Weekly tests can be carried out by a responsible employee – however if you have multiple premises/sites, you may find it easier to contract it to Envirofacilities UK Ltd. 

Fire Alarm Servicing

British Standard BS 5839, covering fire detection & alarm systems for buildings, suggests fire alarms are inspected by a competent person at least every 6 months.

Just like your vehicle, regular servicing will extend the life of your fire alarm and ensure all its components are working effectively. Keeping your fire alarm in working order not only prevents injury and loss of life in the event of a fire it also helps to prevent false alarms.

To speak with the fire safety experts at Envirofacilities UK Ltd about regular fire alarm maintenance for your business, please contact us today.

Fire Alarm Servicing – Fire Alarm Testing

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