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Why is commercial window cleaning important for your business?

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Professional appearance
Clean windows make a statement.  They create a good impression and show people that you care about your business and how it looks.  It is saying to customers, prospects, the general public and your peers that you take pride in your business.

Street Attraction
Clean windows make it easy to look into your business and catch the eye of prospective customers who may be considering using your services or buying your products on impulse. They help you to stand out from any business or building around you that have not had their windows cleaned.

Cleaning your windows regularly indicates that your space is clean, safe and inviting – especially important if your business relates to food, hygiene, health or children.

Health benefits
It’s a fact natural light has a positive effect on people. For employees it improves mood and productivity. If you are in retail, allowing more natural light into your shop will create a more welcoming experience and can even help highlight your products.

Show that you mean business
Dirty windows have a negative effect on a business and give the impression that the premises are run down or neglected – Clean windows show that you are investing your business. 

Why use Envirofacilities UK?
One of our clients who understands the importance of clean windows is The Temple Bar in Norwich.  Here is what Partner Adrian Joyce said about Envirofacilities UK:

“We are very conscious of the need to keep up appearances both inside and outside of our bar and with so many glowing testimonials from some of our peers we made the decision to contract Envirofacilities UK to look after all our commercial window cleaning needs.  We have been thoroughly pleased with the result and their service. 

We too, are now firm advocates for Envirofacilities UK”.

If you have a commercial window cleaning requirement or would like more information about how we can service your premises, please get in touch https://envirofacilitiesuk.co.uk/contact/

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